Our Story

God's Favorite Surprises started in 2015 as an a' la carte service of hand written thank you notes for Besties, Brides and Businesses but we are growing into all areas of KINDNESS! 

We really are Your Concierge of Kindness! 

We serve everyone to brides, to families who want to say thank you in the wake of a loss and to businesses who want to connect with their client/customer base. 

We offer customized services for newly married couples who still have that last task of saying thank you to 

 A thank you card is one of the  simplest gestures one person can make to another.  Whether it's  saying "Thank you for being my bridesmaid!" to "Thank you for attending our wedding and for those beautiful wedding flutes" or even "Thank you for your supporting our business this year," we've got you covered!

We are also taking the power of Thank You to a new level! Stay tuned as we announce niche' services specifically for businesses, event planners and bloggers! 

What makes us different from any other concierge service? Well there aren't many like us. We offer HANDWRITTEN cards and we send it to the person you want to SURPRISE!

Yes, you can mass produce a thank you note but why would you do that?

Let us be your Concierge of Kindness!