Q. What makes GF Surprises different from a simple stationery company? 

A. We focus on the message of Thank you, gratitude and just plain old common courtesy. When was the last time you personally wrote a thank you note or got someone a gift "just because?"  Exactly! That's why we are here. To execute those good intentions. We not only provide the card but we literally hand write the message for YOU. That means you don't have to do anything. Sure, you can email or text someone saying thank you but it will never have the same impact as a written message with something as simple as a customized mug or thoughtful flowers. 

Q. I have my own company stationery or a specific card I want to send, can you still write it out for me?

A. Absolutely! We can arrange for your dedicated card/stationery to be sent to us. Especially if you have a company card or logo you would rather use.

Q. Do you only offer these services to women?

A. Absolutely not! Although we target women as a movement to inspire each other, we ABSOLUTELY offer our services/products to our male counterparts as well. We understand that men don't often think of sending things of this nature so it will be our absolute pleasure to act on your behalf!

Q. I am not great with expressing myself especially in a professional capacity. Will GF Surprises help create a personal but appropriate message for me?

A. Of course! Not to boast but that's the fun part for us. We have a way with words. All we need is some basic information about who and why you are sending your message of gratitude or praise and we will customize the message for you. 

Q. Can I just tell you exactly what I want the message to say? 

A. Absolutely! Just be sure to complete the order form at checkout. 

Q. Why should I bother paying for your services if I can just send a text or email?

A. Because that's what a "concierge of kindness" will do for you! Do the stuff you are too busy to do or just rather someone else to do.  Besides,  texts or emails just don't resonate with the spirit. A handwritten (unexpected) card will always win over technology! Can't believe we are saying that in 2015 but it's true! It shows that you put thought into your actions. 

Q. I feel a little weird sending something to a co-worker or mentor at their home address. Can you ship/deliver/mail my purchases/products to a business address? 

A. ABSOLUTELY! We actually prefer a business address because it will make a bigger impression! Can you imagine getting unexpected gifts at work?!? It's an awesome feeling especially at one's place of business. All you have to do is provide the correct address on the order form and we will ship/deliver there. 

Q. If I don't have the business address, can I send my purchases/products to a home address? 

A. Yes! 

Q. I have quite a few thank you cards I need to send but I just don't have the time. Will GF Surprises help me knock that out? 

A. Yes. Yes. Yes. Shoot us an email at reiko@godsfavoritesurprises.com for a quote for a large custom order. 

Q. I own a business and I would like to hire GF Surprises to send customized thank you/gratitude cards on my company's behalf. Is that a service you provide?

A. YES! It's the exact reason we exist. To take the load from you so you can continue to be great and we do the dirty work. YOU still get all of the praise though. 

Q. I want to send cards/gifts to several of my employees, will you be able to help me?

A. Absolutely. It's actually fun for us to send the not so random acts of kindness on your behalf! This single gesture will undoubtedly boost company/team morale! 

Q. I recently had an important meeting with a potential client/employer but I haven't heard anything yet. Should I send something?

A. YES! We designed the "Here's To Future Collaborations" package for this specific reason. Sending an "I look forward to hearing from you" email likely won't seal the deal. 

Q. Once I place an order, how soon will the order be filled?

A. We have 7 business days from the date of the purchase but likely it will happen a lot sooner than that. We will send you an email alerting you of the shipping date/tracking info. 

Q. So you don't use a computer to write/print the message?

A. Nope. 100% handwritten. That's the whole point:) Although it would probably be easier to use computer software, we care much more about the thought we are conveying on your behalf. Trust us, when your person gets their card/mug/flowers and sees that it was personalized for them, you will think it's worth it! 

Q. What if I really want to let a mentor or someone who has invested in me know that they inspired me? Does it have to say "thank you?"

A. Not at all! We have a series called "You Inspire me!" for that specific reason! It's honestly the whole reason we are in business! 

Q. I'm not in Houston, do you still provide these services/products for other parts of the country? 

A. We sure do! We ship/mail our products anywhere in the U.S. At this time, we only process orders in the United States.